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Why Dumon

Why Are We So Dedicated To Dumon Chocolates?

That question is easy to answer. Its all in the TASTE!

The founder of knows a thing or two about chocolate, or at the very least about eating it. From an early age he has had a passion for quality confection and has always been on the lookout for a new name to put to the test. He would do the driving for his friends on their trips to Europe. With an incredible ability upon arriving in any foreign town of being able to seek out within minutes, a car park, a good ice-cream parlour, a superb patisserie and an excellent choclotier he has relentlessly dragged his friends around Europe in a quest for the best chocolate that he could find. Always fooled, as his friends were under the impression that they were going to watch a football match, they have given in to his skill at locating the best of the best in confection and now find themselves as hooked as he is. However, they now refuse to invite him to any away game.

A few years ago, on another of his visits to Brugge, he decided this time to become systematic. As the seeds for began to form in his brain he set about testing and tasting every chocolatier that he could find. In two days he had tasted forty different brands and needed a rest. But only for a day before he was off again. Quickly he was able to root out those which were factory manufactured, those which were the 'also rans' and ended up with just a handful of names that met his exact requirements for excellence in taste, texture, flavour and range. Settling upon Dumon to open with he is now proud to be able to offer you the same delicacy that he has saved for his closest friends, family and football buddies.

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