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Chocolate & Health

Is Chocolate healthy?

Traditionally, Chocolate has always been thought of as a 'sweet' and therefore something nice to eat but not something which is actually 'good' to eat. This is still true for the mass market sweets which consist of very high levels of sugar and are usually also manufactured with artificial sweeteners such as Aspartmane, artificial preservatives, colourings and various 'E' numbers.

Dumon hand made chocolate is made with natural ingredients and no form of artificial products at all is used in their production. In fact, Dumon chocolate is so 'natural' that it has a short shelf life and will go off, (which is why we have such stringent stock rotation policies) within just a few weeks in the case of the chocolates with fresh cream fillings.

So are we saying that all of our chocolate is 'healthy' for you? We can not say that. Firstly, we are not qualified (scientifically) to make that statement and secondly, we would clearly have a bias. But what we can say is that the chocolate that we supply is 'more healthy' than other chocolate which is mass produced and therefore has a long shelf life.

However, there are those who are able to make positive statements about Chocolates health. The general rule appears to be that the best, most healthy chocolate is dark and the darker the better!

Many of these articles have restricted copyrighted and so we are not able to reprint them here, but you will find the links below so that you can find out more:

This article was found on the BBC News site and is about how Chocolate can help guard against blood clots in much the same way as aspirin. Of course, there are knock on side effects to this. Asprin can damage your stomach if taken reguarly and Chocolate is much more fun!

This article is also from the BBC News site. Researchers have found that the buzz from eating chocolate is more intense and longer lasting than that caused by kissing. Everyone here at Chocobong, especially Mr. Bong, is very keen on kissing so our recomendation is to combine both, but not at the same time as it gets a bit messy!

According to BBC News, Chocolate 'lowers' blood pressure.

A daily dose of specially-formulated dark chocolate may help cut chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms say UK researchers according to a report on the BBC News.

Lastly, just so that you know that we are not alone, this article, also on the BBC News site is about Cadbury (one of the largest manufactures of chocolate products in the UK) is the latest big chocolate manufacturer trying to move itself upmarket.

All very excellent, but do not confuse this with Dumon and the other products that offers. There is nothing mass market about us!