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About Dumon

Why Are Dumon Chocolates So Special?

Our chocolates are made for us by Stefan Dumon with the help of his good wife Marie-Anne. His small family business consisting of just six have won several awards for their amazing confectionery.

Stefan is truly an artesian chocolatier having spent all of his adult life and a large chunk of his youth surrounded by chocolate and the paraphernalia used in the making of fine chocolates. Stefan blends a superb mix of traditional recipes along with his own unique flavours and designs. The confection is truly hand made and every part of the production process is overseen by Stefan himself.

Belgium and especially the city and the surrounds of Brugge are famous for fine chocolates. But it is not well known that the makes of which we are most familiar with are factory made on a vast production line. When one thinks about this, you know it must be true as the quantities required to supply all of the shops around the world dictate this. But Dumon is very much a small business where hand made perfection of the best produce is of the utmost import. There is only enough capacity to supply a couple of his shops in Brugge, a handful over a greater area and of course ourselves.

Dumon chocolates are rare because they are produced with FRESH ingredients with no additives to preserve the product or alter the taste. Their shelf life is only six weeks so it is important that we obtain regular deliveries and ship to you quickly. To help you with this and to provide you with the best service we can, we have designed this website to allow you to specify your desired delivery date. As you go through the checkout screen you will be invited to select a delivery date (not Sundays) from the calendar and we will use our best endeavours to ensure that your fresh supply of Dumon chocolates get to you when you want them.

Because we think you will like them so much, shortly we will be adding a 'regular order' feature so that you can receive a repeat deliveries to suit your desires.

If you are visiting Brugge, you can visit the Dumon shops at:

Eiermarkt 6 8000
Tel: +32 (0)50 34 62 82

Walstraat 6 8000
Tel: +32 (0)50 34 00 43